Competitive exams like JEE and NEET are difficult

We are not demotivating you! They are possible, but difficult to crack and getting into a good college has very few chances even if you work hard.

Yes, even if you work hard, there are always going to be students who are more intelligent and hardworking than you and secure that rank. This means even if you score good marks, there is still a chance that you won’t get accepted because of rank.

Getting into top colleges abroad is easier and is a very good backup option!

You don't need to be a born genius to get a good scholarship.

"I joined IIT coaching in class 11. I had decent marks in class 10th but that did not help. I had an appreciation for 2 days and then life was back to normal.
So I decided that I want to do something innovative and not just work on my marks. I always wanted to learn robotics and make various robotics projects.

But soon I realized that I had no talent. I wasn’t from the best financial background so I couldn’t invest a lot of money in robotics classes, coding classes, etc.

It was this time when my senior started guiding me on my college journey. He always talked with me on the phone till 12 am and guided me with the best of their abilities.

Today I am a TED-ED speaker, Ideate for India Winner, Member of New York Academy Of Sciences, and have got a 100 percent scholarship in a university way better and higher ranked than IIT.

It was all because of the right guidance from the right mentor."

Anish Gurjar

Founder at Millennial Mentor

About Millennial Mentor

A friend always explains a concept easier and faster. Similarly, a Millennial Mentor understands your situation as a friend and gives you personal mentorship and teaching, unlike other teachers.

Millennial Mentor is a student to student guidance platform where some of the best overachievers from India and around the world help other students get into some of the top colleges and achieve what they want.

We don’t just give counseling, we teach you soft skills required to achieve it too!

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What you get in the Millennial Mentor Program

Personal Guidance

Personal Guidance session by Overachiever Students so you get the best advice and know exactly how to implement it in your studies and extracurriculars.

Sessions With College Students

Sessions with college students from top colleges including MIT, Stanford, IIT, NIT, etc, board toppers where you get an idea of what you need to do to get into those colleges.

Live Training

Live training sessions of soft skills that are required to get into colleges by some of the top students so you don’t have to spend extra money on learning these skills.

Systematic Academic and School Planning

Proper planning of extracurricular activities and marks and strategies depending upon your dream college.

How to prepare for top colleges abroad as a backup option and get a heavy scholarship even if you are not good at studies by only spending 3-5 hours every week.

Sign Up For A Free Masterclass and Understand The Entire Process of Foreign Admissions and How To Crack Them.

How The Program Works

Here, we analyze your goals, ambitions, your academic situation, and make a plan for the entire year and what you need to do every month.

Here some of the top qualified student mentors will teach you soft skills according to your niche and interest and take your doubts in a live session.

Here, we will help you use your talent into creating projects, research papers, starting organizations, applying to competitive exams etc.

Now you are game ready! Here, we help you get selected into some of the top competitions in India and around the world which will be useful in your college resume.

Over 33+ Students From Prestigious Universities

Meet Some Of Our Top Millennial Mentors That Guide Students To Get Into Some Of The Top Universities.


Swetabh Chakrabothy

Student At Brown University


Krrish Chawla

Student at Stanford University


Anish Gurjar

Student at Denison University


Akshat Sharma

Student at National Institute of Technology

Why Millennial Mentors?

Why Students Like Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending upon your situation, the program lasts anywhere between 8 months - 12 months

The program price is variable depending upon your situation. Its is cheaper than private counselling firms. Contact for price.

Our mentors take live sessions and also provide recorded classes so even if you miss one class, you have the backup.


100% Money Back Gurantee

If you don’t end up liking the program and we don’t give you a good set of extracurriculars and guidance, you get 100% percent of your money back!

No risk, just your hard work!

We Have Limited Seats, So The Choice Is Yours.

You have 3 options:

1. You can either wait until its too late.

2. You can join a coaching institute and just focus on marks and live a mediocre school life and get into an average college.


3. You can act smart, take a bold decision, have an open mind, and take guidance from some of the top students in India.

But you wouldn’t have read up to this point if you wanted to settle for mediocrity.
You are still reading this because you want the best for your career and you don’t prioritize your career.

If you are 100% committed, sign up for the webinar and we will personally call you and give you a free guidance session on a phone call and explain more about the program to you.

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